Nikolay Rastorguev urgently hospitalized

Николай Расторгуев экстренно госпитализирован The leader of group “lube” taken to hospital with a suspected heart attack. Nikolai Rastorguev became ill before a performance in Tula. Hosts of the festive event, told the assembled citizens that the singer will not be speaking.
Николай Расторгуев экстренно госпитализирован

Urgent messages come from Tula. Nikolay Rastorguev could not take part in the concert in the Central square of this city because of poor health.

Leading the festive event was told to the crowd to listen to city stars the townspeople that the vocalist on stage will not work. As it became known, Nikolay Rastorguev had a bad feeling before the concert. Musician called the ambulance. According to some reports, doctors diagnosed known by a heart attack and made the decision on urgent hospitalisation. To the concert hall the musicians of group “lube” came out without their leader. Soloed them Tula artists. As assured journalists the representatives of Nikolay Rastorguev, threats to his life.

Recall that six years ago was a similar situation during a tour of the artist in Israel. Then the pilot was taken directly from the concert area in Ashdod. In interview to one of TV channels producer of group “lube” Igor Matvienko said that the reason for the hospitalization Rastorguev became too low blood pressure. The fact is that in Israel it was very hot, in addition to the Holy land came a sand storm that raged on the territory of Egypt and Cyprus. All this was the cause of poor health of the people’s artist.

However, after the case of hospitalization Rastorguev had a little stay in Israel, and because of this canceled performances in some Russian cities. Fans of the group were very concerned about the health of Nicholas. After all, everyone knows that a few years ago the singer was raised very serious diagnosis – renal failure. Saved the health and lives of the pilot, only transplantation of a donor kidney.

In February of this year, “POPs” the whole country celebrated the 60th anniversary. Giving in honor of this great date an interview with “StarHit, Nikolay Rastorguev has told that he is in excellent physical shape and feels completely healthy. Nikolay Rastorguev: “All diets are full of crap”

“I regularly go to World Class, try to keep in shape. Trainer made for me a few workouts that I perform, alternating as needed. To your diet I too am carefully, but on a diet is not sitting – it’s all complete crap. Last week I went to the clinic for some help and at the same time decided to do chest x-rays for the first time in 25 years. Shudder to expect the sentence, but it turns out I have clean lungs. Despite the fact that I smoke from 16! It was one of the most joyous news lately,” said the musician.

It should be noted that in honor of the anniversary Nikolay Rastorguev gave several concerts in the Kremlin on 12 June, Russia Day, were supposed to play in Tula, where he was waiting for. As reported “Interfax”, in the square gathered up to 15 thousand people.