Nikolay Rastorguev could not accept the loss of a friend

Николай Расторгуев не может смириться с потерей друга The leader of the group seriously affected by the loss of the musician. Colleagues and friends of Paul Usanov told what he was in life. Still close can’t believe this happened and noted that they had lost not just a musician, and a very good person.

      Николай Расторгуев не может смириться с потерей друга

      On April 19, fans of the group “lube” shuddered at the sad news – bass guitarist Pavel Usanov died. In early April he was taken to hospital with severe traumatic brain injury. For a long time doctors fought for the life and health of the musician, but to save him failed, and he died without regaining consciousness. For all family and friends of Paul this was a major blow. Today in the Studio program “Let them talk”, brought together close friends and colleagues Usanova to talk about what kind of person was the bass guitarist of group “lube”.

      The leader of the “lube” called the death of Paul Usanova mystical

      The leader of the team of Latvia Nicholas Paul worked for 20 years. During this time, they really become almost family. The artist remembered that Usanov was not only a talented musician, but also aspired to do as many good deeds.

      “Helped the children and organized competitions, and I called support, we did from time to time,” remembered Nikolai Rastorguev.

      Николай Расторгуев не может смириться с потерей друга

      After the death of the Usanova has two children from his first marriage. And three years ago he married a new lady Juliana. Ex-wife with heirs attended the farewell to Paul, which was held in Moscow. Death Usanova United women. But the funeral was held in the hometown of the musician, Novocheboksarsk, which is now the widow of the artist. Juliana herself was unable to attend the program on behalf of said friend, Eugene Bordzilovsky. She conveyed the thanks of the spouse of Paul for the fact that so many people supported it and bring words of condolences.

      The group’s producer Igor Matvienko also mourns the fact that the team lost not only a professional but also a very good friend.

      “Paul was a bright, Sunny person. With good energy. Always positive, smiling, was the main base of the team. A true Orthodox Christian. Even in his death he was able to unite the many that prayed for him,” – said Matvienko.

      Николай Расторгуев не может смириться с потерей друга

      For long-term work in the team Paul has become like family. Spouse Nicholas Rastorguev, Natalia noted that even for her bass guitar as if was a real relative.

      “Bright was the sun in the team, young sun. In this situation I wanted to find who is to blame, not just for show”, – with bitterness has told to the wife Rastorguev.

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