Nikolay Noskov was discharged from the hospital

Николай Носков выписался из больницы
About a year ago, popular singer Nikolay Noskov was urgently hospitalized due to a blood clot.

Николай Носков выписался из больницы

Long time fans of the singer had to be in the dark, as the representatives Noskova refused to comment on his condition. And that’s only recently they told me about the health of the contractor.

Николай Носков выписался из больницы

“Summer vacation”. Such a title describes this post! Friends, you have been waiting for the news from us, on a daily basis received numerous letters with questions like: “How is Nikolai?”And finally we can tell you that Nikolay Noskov at home, in the family circle! Thank you for your prayers and love and thanks for signing the petition, awarding the title “Honored artist” will be considered at the expert Council again!”– said on the official website of the singer.

Socks was treated after suffering a spinal stroke, and they removed a clot in the cervical spine.

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