Nikolay Noskov broke the silence after the news of the stroke

Николай Носков нарушил молчание после сообщений об инсульте The musician, who is now undergoing a lengthy rehabilitation period, appealed to the public. Nikolay Noskov expressed gratitude to all the caring people trying to support him, and dispelled the rumors about the breakup with his wife.
Николай Носков нарушил молчание после сообщений об инсульте

At the end of March Nikolay Noskov was in one of the capital’s hospitals with a suspected stroke. It was reported that the actor is preparing for surgery to remove a blood clot in the neck Department. Later, the musician health has improved. The journalists and fans Noskov said the members of his press office. They also said that the man is optimistic and plans to get back to work.

Later appeared in the media rumors that the musician was allegedly separated from his wife Marina, whom he married about 40 years. The source claimed that Nicholas and his wife parted without scandals. Until recently, the man chose not to comment on the rumors about alleged problems in the relationship with the partner, and also to speak about health problems. Only on Tuesday, August 1, Nicholas broke the silence and addressed the public in a social network “Vkontakte”.

“My condition after the disease is stabilized and becomes much better every day. Is recovering speech and motor functions. I hope that your participation will be the impetus that will help me get over the disease much faster. In spite of all his detractors and spiteful critics say: “I’m alive, I’ll be completely healthy and ready to once again delight the audience with new songs, planning to record in the near future!” noted Socks.
Николай Носков нарушил молчание после сообщений об инсульте

The artist expressed gratitude to all the concerned people and also to doctors and relatives. The wife of musician Marina always tries to support it. The beloved actor was surrounded by his round-the-clock care. Socks also urged fans not to believe unreliable sources that distort the real situation.

“Due to my illness on the Internet and the press spread rumors about the state of my health, not true. Report that my sole legitimate representative at the moment is my wife, Marina Noskova, which hasn’t left me a single step and in touch with You 24 hours a day. All reliable information published by it on my official website and social media accounts!” – said the man.

In addition, Nikolay Noskov asked to be sensitive to the situation in which the members of his family. The musician said that those in need of warm words even less than he.

Николай Носков нарушил молчание после сообщений об инсульте“I ask you to understand in which emotional shock are my family and friends, encourage them, please, before my strength is fully restored. Questions on my professional work you can send my publisher,” shared the actor.