Nikolay Lukinsky said about the appearance of a black grandson

Николай Лукинский рассказал о появлении чернокожего внука The second daughter of comedian became a mother. According to Nikolay Lukinsky, he finished with his famous room of the student from Zimbabwe. The eldest heiress of the artist is married to an African, who lives in Barcelona. Recently they had a baby.

Famous humorist Nikolay Lukinsky has told reporters that his recently born grandson. The daughter of artist Olga gave birth to a boy from an African American. Says the parodist, best known for the room of a black student from Zimbabwe, he “doshutilis”.

“She went to school, received three degrees. Then went to live in Spain, in Barcelona, found a job there, and only then began to build his personal life. You know, ironically, our son – in-law and grandson of African we black. Named him Christopher. Everybody tells me I got game with my room about a black student!” – said Nikolai.

Says lukinskaya, he did not oppose such a marriage. According to the comedian, his daughter is happy with this man. “Most importantly, the love between them, I can see that! And yet Mundell, the name of our son-in-law is a very intelligent young man, knows three languages, athletic, sometimes works as a model. They have my daughter already has the apartment in Barcelona. And I say that international families are born brilliant children! We therefore welcome their Union,” explained Nicholas.

Recall that the Lukinskaya growing six-year-old grandson Alesha, who gave birth to his youngest daughter, Daria. As told by the artist, the child grows very creative. During one of the speeches, the boy even came on the scene with Nikolai.

“I have a room called “the Monologue of the grandfather”. There I tell what grandson makes to keep myself in good shape: for him it is always need to run. Well, the monologue that when he became a grandfather, I have forgotten how to sit and lie. Well tell some stories that happened with me and Alex. And at one of the concerts so happened that I stand and he sits and looks at me. And then I said, “Guys, come tell me himself!” Well, he calmly went out and made” – shared lukinskaya with the journalists of the newspaper “start the party!”.