Nikolay Fomenko will give a great violin Concerto

Николай Фоменко даст большой скрипичный концерт
Showman will perform works by Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky.

Nikolai Fomenko

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Showman Nikolay Fomenko returned to her first profession of violinist and is preparing a big concert, which will play classic hits written for this instrument, and modern violin works.

Nicholas in his childhood he studied in a music school, violin class. This tool to the boy’s parents chose not by chance: his grandfather, who, incidentally, also named Nicholas, was a great violinist. Little Kolya’s grandmother is a pianist constantly drove to the Philharmonic, where Fomenko instilled a love of the classics.

After during the life of Nikolai studied music, acting, skiing, car racing. And now decided to remember his childhood. Great program Nicholas prepares together with violinist Anna Kim and arranger Felix ilinykh. Because purely classical works by Vivaldi, Bach and Tchaikovsky will be interwoven with contemporary works and original sounds.

By the way, do violin and sons Fomenko — under the watchful supervision of his father. However, 13-year-old Ivan two years ago, these classes ceased. But seven-year-old Vasily continues to do in the development of this tool great success.