Nikolay Fomenko has warned about the danger

Николая Фоменко предостерегли об опасности Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future star. A man should pay more attention to yourself. Specialist also studied the life code artist and made a conclusion about the relationship in his family.
Николая Фоменко предостерегли об опасности

30 APR television and radio host, actor and sports commentator Nikolai Fomenko is 50 years old. Today Fomenko actively removed recently, the screens out the series “You all piss me off”, in which he played a major role. A celebrity married for the fourth time, he has a 7-year-old son Basil, born in this marriage, and three children from a previous 35-year-old Katherine, 19-year-old Anastasia and 13-year-old Ivan. Fomenko also have two grandchildren – 12-year-old Aglaia and 11-year-old Masha. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied dates of birth of the actor and made a prediction on his future.

“Life code Nicholas – 257 – says that he was born in “Day of excessive liability.” A self-sufficient person, talented and charming personality, he’s not used to settling for less and always strives for growth – personal and career. But Fomenko’s too strong, proud, and impatient – it is his negative qualities.

He is not a lucky man, he never pours from the sky: all that he has achieved, went to the artist hard work. In this celebrity helped his love for the work and tremendous charisma – he is able to please even the most negative to the people. He is very responsible, knows how to defend his point of view. It is important to always stand your ground if it is to change behavior and begin to give, his life will be betrayal”.
Николая Фоменко предостерегли об опасности

According to her, Fomenko should think about their own health, but he works hard. “He’s the strongest analyst and owner of a remarkable intellect, always seeking to surround myself with people who have him will be something to learn, says Clara Kuzenbaeva. – Career slump in his life are not expected, but celebrity have other difficulties, 56 and 60 he is more attentive to their health, can cause problems”.

In his personal life Nicholas, according to numerologist, is more than successful. The expert is sure that the marriage of the artist and his wife Natalia can safely be called strong and happy.

“But the family had everything perfectly – he was a wonderful husband, always goes to meet the wife and cherishes her love, concluded Clara Kuzenbaeva. – Despite the fact that to Natalia Nicholas had three wives, he’s not one of those who mindlessly rushes in relationship to each spouse Fomenko treated very seriously and respectfully. The marriage artist the last to change, he is not predisposed so that Natalia had nothing to worry about – she and her husband will be together until old age”.