Николай Еременко-младший: главные женщины в жизни секс-символа Today, February 14, the artist would have turned 69 years old. We remember, Nikolay Eremenko-younger in the films “pirates of the twentieth century”, “Red and black”, “son of the father”… Films with the participation of the actor have become classics of Russian cinema.
Николай Еременко-младший: главные женщины в жизни секс-символа

Eremenko-younger was born in Vitebsk in the family of famous artists – Nikolay Eremenko and Galina Orlovoj. Parents from a very early age took nick with me to the theater, the boy grew up behind the scenes, but nevertheless care and love. Not to break the family tradition, the young man also decided to become an artist: first, he graduated from the VGIK, after which he began to serve in the Theatre-Studio of film actor.

Nicholas very quickly became the idol of millions, it was constantly recognized on the streets: the charm and beauty of the actor could not leave indifferent girls, girls just went to his mind. Yes, the artist has had many novels, but after graduation he met one of the main women of his life – Faith Titov, who soon became his wife. It seemed that this family idyll will last forever.

At the insistence of his parents, Nicholas and Vera has played a very modest wedding. The family settled in 2-bedroom cooperative apartment in Moscow, which gained for the young father Nicholas. Two years later, their house has heard children’s laughter and crying – a daughter Olya. The first time, he was afraid to hold the girl in his arms, but then the feelings swept over him: now he was trying to give her daughter as much attention, pampered her in every way.

Николай Еременко-младший: главные женщины в жизни секс-символа“With the film “the Red and the black” dad first went to France – to the premiere. As in the Soviet Union, stores are bursting with goods, mom wrote a list of what to bring. And now, having returned, the father enters the house with a huge suitcase. Mom often brought her outfits! Opened, and it’s filled with children’s things – amazingly beautiful dresses, skirts, blouses,” recalled the daughter of artist Olga.
Николай Еременко-младший: главные женщины в жизни секс-символа

Vera Yuryevna and Nikolay Nikolayevich had been married for 25 years. To Faith and then came the terrible rumors about where and who saw her husband during the filming. But scandals in the family has never been: the pair have never discussed the issues and problems raised voices. Yes, and rumors about Affairs Mykola categorically denied.

However, at some point, to discuss and to deny it was pointless: his wife found out about the affair of Nicholas and another girl from the shooting. And it was the assistant Director, whose name was Lyudmila. So, the couple decided to divorce, although after the break they have not ceased to communicate. Total traded flat, but Nicholas almost every day, dined with the already former wife.

Re-build a family with the actor and failed. After the divorce, Nicholas lived in a civil marriage with Lyudmila, but their relationship has not been formalized. Actor experienced as difficult breakup with his wife and the death of his father. These two events occurred one after the other, and, according to Lyudmila, the artist began to abuse alcohol. Together with her he lived not long. And soon died from a stroke at 52 year of life…

“When next to her mother, father just couldn’t live. It’s like that amputated would be a very important organ, without which heart could not stand it, head exploded… my Mother was his mate, deprived of which he soon died. Perhaps the father knew that made a wrong turn, and end up eating yourself up inside. Without their Faith he could not stand a year”, – shared his thoughts, Olga.
Николай Еременко-младший: главные женщины в жизни секс-символа

It was later revealed that the actor had another daughter with a third woman Tatiana Maslennikova. The artist did not dare to legitimize the relationship. Moreover, the existence of Nicholas’s second daughter – Thani, as many have learned only after the death of the actor. While still in the ground, married, Nicholas had hidden a second family. However, he gave the girl his name and regularly provided material support. However, there was one condition: to keep everything in the strictest confidence. The actor did not want to hurt his wife, and his parents were terrible. Nicholas is a senior believed that the wife should be one and the rest of my life. It is worth noting that the concerns of the artist was not in vain: for Faith, this news was a real blow, and Galina, his mother, did not recognize his second granddaughter.

Николай Еременко-младший: главные женщины в жизни секс-символа

Now the eldest daughter of the famous artist teaches English and is happily married. Olga Nikolaevna also had a daughter – Anya, who literally from the cradle shows off your acting talent. The girl constantly trying on different images, showing that she is the granddaughter of the great artist and will probably continue creative dynasty.

As for the younger daughter of Nicholas Tatiana, she dabbled as a TV presenter, but eventually followed in the footsteps of his mother-the translator – graduated from Institute of foreign languages and teaches as her older sister.

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