Nikolay Drozdov made the decision to leave the “world of animals”

Николай Дроздов принял решение покинуть «В мире животных»
The successor of the broadcaster has matured and is ready to take his place.

Nikolai Drozdov

Nikolai Drozdov is preparing to resign as leader of the program “world of animals”. The last two years he paired with Alexei lapinin, who was old enough and became a real professional. Thrush leaves the show in good hands of a successor, and therefore is not worried for the fate of the popular program.

“Children’s Studio program — it’s just not even my type. Now one of the five programs makes Alex one. I have to watch it from the side. For two years we begin and end our transfer together with Alexei lapinin, he is now 15 years old, and he first appeared in “children’s page” of our program as a guest in 5 years. Now Alex has grown as tall as me, independently opens and closes the program, is a separate conversation, takes stories. Reliable person, Executive, thoughtful, hard-working,” praises young colleague, 80-year-old Nicholas in an interview with TASS.

Recall that Drozdov has been leading this show since 1990. For his merits in the field of education for the generations of animal lovers have been repeatedly awarded with the state awards. In 2016, Nikolai moved with the team working on the program “animal world”, he moved from channel “Carousel”. During the existence of the project was filmed over 1300 editions of educational shows.