Nikolay Baskov struck jury “the Voice” with her strong voice

Николай Басков сразил жюри «Голоса» сильнейшим вокалом People’s artist of Russia made a surprise by appearing on a TV show. The mentors of the project immediately recognized the famous singer. Nikolay Baskov admitted that a long time is watching a popular program, and even dreamed to be in place participants.

      Николай Басков сразил жюри «Голоса» сильнейшим вокалом

      Popular project “the Voice” today completes blind auditions. Many artists use the chance to get into the team mentors. The jury of the programme was intrigued when I heard the strongest vocals of another participant. The man sang an Aria in Italian. Polina Gagarina, Dima Bilan, Grigory Leps and Leonid Agutin listened attentively to the performer, however, some immediately recognize the “Golden voice of Russia”. Despite the fact that the jury knew that on stage is Nikolay Baskov, Gagarin and Bilan, apparently, decided not to miss your chance and turned to the musician, hoping to see him part of your team. However they were waited by the next surprise – the singer was behind the screen. When the curtain fell, they saw a completely unfamiliar person. Mentors are suspected of fraud, since they could not mix an amazing voice artist with anything else.

      Nicholas Basque went out of the hall, continuing to sing the song. The coaches stood and applauded the musician and the audience cheered and shouted “Bravo”. As it turned out, the scene is a friend of Nicholas from Germany, which he asked him to play along .

      “I wanted to get on “the Voice.” Watched all the TV episodes. I’m happy that turned the people I love. I tried to change the voice to not recognize me, but it did not happen”, – said the Basque.
      Николай Басков сразил жюри «Голоса» сильнейшим вокалом

      The jury was in awe of such a wonderful surprise and celebration, which gave the Basques all the spectators who came to the project.

      However, Grigory Leps decided to play along with the artist and said that not quite pleased with its performance. “I’m sorry, you’ve been trying to get here, but the music is not yours,” joked the coach.

      “I think so too, but viewers are not fool,” retorted the Basques, after which awarded the artist with a standing ovation as proof of great love for the creativity and talent of the famous musician.