Nikolay Baskov started taking an experimental drug

Николай Басков начал принимать экспериментальное лекарство
The actor spoke about the state of his health.

Nikolay Baskov

Photo: @nikolaibaskov Instagram Nikolai Baskov

Nikolai Baskov announced that it recently became a “Guinea pig” in testing of the innovative drug. Singer under the strict supervision of experts adopts a kind of experimental medicine. The actor admits that the new method, which he feels, is aimed at anti-aging.

The Basques drew attention to the fact that the appearance is “professional tool” and he is forced to resort to the most extreme methods to keep youth. “I met a man who is at the heart of it all. He is one of our main gerontologists. When I met him and saw how he looks like, and found out how old he is, to me, it made a lasting impression, admits Nicholas. — If successful test for me, if it works, maybe I can make a some contribution to the population!”

By the way, during the conversation, the Basque commented on the rumors that he recently resorted to the services of a plastic surgeon. Gossip about the liposuction appeared after the singer promptly lost a lot of weight. “I didn’t do any liposuction. She then collected the hill in different places, so it’s ugly!” — said the artist to show “You won’t believe!”.