Николай Басков шокирован правдой о сыне

Real blonde national stage utterly shocked by his ten year old son Bronislava. The singer has never commented on the situation between him and the mother of his son, ex-wife Svetlana Shpigel.

Николай Басков шокирован правдой о сыне
Journalists have caught the artist in the Crimea, where takes place the “Children’s New wave”. Reporters showed Nicholas a photo of his grown son and asked if he recognizes the person shown in the photo. Judging from the confused singer, he had not seen his child in a private luxury development in the suburbs.

“It’s your son.. It is ten years old, and when you last saw him?” they asked the singer, but he was so shocked that could not say a word. The reaction of the performer it was obvious that Baskov has come on a long and very painful blister.
“It’s hard for me to talk about it. The whole situation is unpleasant for me and difficult.. But time will put everything in its place” — said Nikolai.
Marina Naumov, the assistant to the artist, told reporters that the Basques to comment on the situation with my son is not going to.
Recall that after the divorce, Svetlana not only left the child himself, and chopped off all communication Nicholas with the child, but also changed the name of the boy. Of course, affected the situation and the father of Svetlana, a former producer Baskov, Boris Spiegel.
Sources say that the reason for the divorce was the constant life on the road “natural blond.” Even the Basque admitted in an interview that in 24 years could not yet appreciate the importance of marriage and its responsibilities, preferring a career over a family.

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