Nikolay Baskov sacrifices for Victoria Lopyreva

Николай Басков идет на жертвы ради Виктории Лопыревой People’s artist changed the style, as it was required by his lover. The bride Baskov strongly against the rhinestone on the clothes of her future husband. Nicholas dutifully fulfilled the whims of a lady.
Николай Басков идет на жертвы ради Виктории Лопыревой

Nikolay Baskov has always fascinated fans of bright and expensive costumes, but now he has decided to abandon the crystals. The bride, people’s artist insisted he stopped wearing shiny things, decorated in sequins.

Lopyreva seduced Baskov in front of thousands of spectators

“I refused to crystals, because Victoria Lopyreva said that the crystals must be just for her. For the woman he loved – every whim. But not the fact that I’m not coming back. Especially when you consider that the show “the Game” most of the suits with rhinestones”, – said the singer to fans.

According to the artist, his stage costumes are made with almost meticulous precision, and each rhinestone on the garment sewn or glued by hand.

Also Nicholas once again reminded fans that he plans to have the wedding of Victoria and lopyrevoy in Grozny, as they invited the President of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. “This is a very generous offer. And Vic is a great honor. Will walk in Chechnya, but sign still in the Moscow registry office”, – said the singer.

Nicholas happy with Victoria, so it did not bother the fact that the future wife is a few inches taller.

Nikolay Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva went on a hunger strike

“When barefoot is not so noticeable. Another thing, if on the heels. But I for this reason not complex. And, you know, I kind of like it” – shared with the Basque fans.

Also admirers of talent of people’s artist asked how the singer plans to celebrate the New year.

“New year’s eve I’m always working. And the artists – it’s a good sign: to be on stage new year’s eve or birthday. So, all year round. But 1 or 2 of January, I always fly away on vacation. For the whole month. Turn off phones, tablets. In the evening I write a SMS to parents, talking to mom on the phone and on the plane. Always leave the ocean. Sleep, go for massages, diet, swim a lot. For the month come to life! And I am again ready to please his audience!” – summed up Mykola in conversation with readers of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.