Nikolay Baskov remembered about dad-tanker

Николай Басков вспомнил про папу-танкиста
The singer made an unexpected confession.

Nikolay Baskov, Valeriya Lanskaya

Photo: Press service

Nikolay Baskov has told about
he started his career as an artist. It happened when the singer was only eleven
years. About a funny episode in his childhood, Nicholas remembered, taking part in
the selection of talented children for the show “the Magic of Disney masterpiece”, which will be held
in the “Luzhniki” from 23 December to 8 January.

“I look back now on these children —
shared the singer — and realize that he was the same. In the 11 years I
came to the casting DMTYUA, which largely influenced my future life. My mom was so worried that slipped under the door to Alexander Lvovich note: “Please pay attention to this boy. His father — the commander of the tank troops”. Don’t know why she decided to write about armored forces, apparently, it seemed to her conclusive. We are then in the family long joked on this topic. Of course, in those years we were quite different. Kids today are much more uninhibited, artistic. It is immediately evident that, despite their young age, they have a wonderful stage training.”

Of the 200 candidates who took
participate in the online qualifying round, the final round of casting were 38 young artists. From
them the jury had to choose the best 13 — 6 boys and 7 girls.
The winners will perform the main roles of a brother and sister, caught in a fairytale
music world the Christmas show “the Magic of Disney masterpiece”. “Magic
the Disney masterpiece” is a totally unique show where on stage are not
only held, but also very young artists.