Nikolay Baskov received the “Golden gramophone” for the duet with her granddaughter Baba Yaga

Николай Басков получил «Золотой граммофон» за дуэт с внучками Бабы Яги
Over the weekend, the Kremlin went the 23rd award ceremony of the national musical prize “Golden gramophone”, where their well-deserved awards were given to Nikolai Baskov and twins Katya and Volga King.

Николай Басков получил «Золотой граммофон» за дуэт с внучками Бабы Яги

Katya and Volga King is well known not as a regular beautiful girl and granddaughter of the Baba Yaga, a modern woman, and blogger, and singer, and rap-performer – all rolled into one! The grandmother and two granddaughters-twins – permanent members of the art project BY, which is popular in Russia and abroad.

So, their “Golden gramophone” the girls received for the song “My King” together with Nikolai Baskov.

In the framework of the project BY girls in the company of Baba Yaga traveling around the world and participate in international festivals, concerts and exhibitions, in any country introducing Russian culture. In their energetic manner, they perform Russian folk songs (and not only), which is already loved by the audience – “Brothers Slavs”, the anthem of the festival PARUS “PARUS Russian” and others. Also Baba Yaga and the twins have recorded the anthem for the FIFA world Cup 2018, which is a fan club RUSSIA UNITES recognized as the best anthem in support of our team. In General, the career of the twins can be called quite successful. And now a duet with people’s artist Nikolai Baskov.

Николай Басков получил «Золотой граммофон» за дуэт с внучками Бабы Яги

I should add that the ceremony of the national musical prize “Golden gramophone” took part the most famous singers of Patriotic pop stars – Polina Gagarin, Nikolai Baskov, Julia Kovalchuk, Svetlana Loboda, Ani Lorak, Philip Kirkorov, Sergey Lazarev, Irina Allegrova… the hosts of the evening were Ivan Urgant and Sergei Svetlakov.

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