Nikolay Baskov on the pill for eternal youth

Николай Басков принимает таблетки для вечной молодости

The Golden voice of Russia Nikolay Baskov carefully watching their appearance, which for the artists of his rank is of great importance. He is so much afraid of old age I decided to receive experimental drugs that prolong youthfulness. Perhaps Nicholas would not dare to such experiments with their health, if not meeting with a gerontologist who developed the system of drugs.

“I met a man who is at the heart of it all. He is one of our main gerontologists. When I met him and saw how he looks like, and found out how old he is, to me, it made a lasting impression” — said the Basque journalists. Nicholas decided to take the risk, and thereby contribute to the development of humanity. After all, he voluntarily decided to do this experiment and if successful it will be, to follow his example many will be able to attend.
Over the last few months Nikolai visibly fit, but it is not a result of the intervention of plastic surgeons, and the work of singer on yourself and work with a coach who, moreover, is a massage therapist-corrector on the body.
For the first nine months of diet and exercise Basques got rid of 17 kilos. His health is his asset. Nikolay believes that his appearance and talent – the key to a successful career because of a work he was not too lazy.
“I don’t make some computer intelligence. And I have no way to reproduce the gas, oil, metal, something else. I earn my health” — summed up artist.