Nikolay Baskov made a sensational statement

Николай Басков сделал сенсационное заявление
The artist commented on the decision to leave the stage.

Nikolay Baskov

Photo: @nikolaibaskov Instagram Nikolai Baskov

Fans suspect that Nikolai Baskov suffering from an identity crisis. To this conclusion they were pushed by the popular statement of the contractor about his plans for the near future. The artist, quite unexpectedly for the fans declared that leaves the big stage. The reason the Basques pointed out the lack of prospects. The singer admitted that was very tired and wants to take a career break.

“I’ve done a lot to their 40 and came to the fact that I lost vision of what I do. I think for me it was nice to relax and to overestimate their activities, to answer some questions of myself. I think it is necessary at some point to do it. And do I need rest from myself, and the public should I continue to rest and get acquainted with the new!” — said 40-year-old Nicholas.

Shortly before that, Basque is known to have called off the wedding with sweetheart, a model of Victoria and lopyrevoy. The singer then explained its decision by the lack of the blessings of his mother. Mother of Nicholas Elena Nikolaevna asked to move the date of the celebration. The fact that this was the day when her father left, grandfather of the singer. “Mom said I can’t give my blessing on that day, — says Nikolay. — The wedding will be, we will invite all, but later!” However, friends and colleagues of Nikolay doubt that the triumph will ever be…