Николай Басков под впечатлением от подросшего сына People’s artist has not seen the child for 10 years. After parting with spouse Svetlana Shpigel Nikolay Baskov has not had the opportunity to participate in the upbringing of the heir. “Golden voice of Russia” as little as possible to touch a difficult topic for him.

      Николай Басков под впечатлением от подросшего сына

      In the early 2000s, one of the most eligible bachelors of the Russian stage “natural blonde” Nikolai Baskov struck up a relationship with the daughter of his producer Svetlana Spiegel. Their romance became the subject of discussion for the whole community. In 2001, the pair played a beautiful wedding, and five years in their family was born a charming child – a son Bronislaw. It seemed that the happiness of the happy couple in no danger, however, next year the fans of people’s artist was shocked with the news about the divorce of Nicholas and Svetlana. The boy went to live with my mother and father had not had the opportunity to see adorable baby due to the fact that the ex-wife moved to live abroad.

      10 years later Svetlana with the child returned home. After Nikolai Baskov saw the pictures of the boy that was made by the journalists, he was barely able to hold back the emotions.

      “It’s hard for me to talk about it, it is very hard for me … and Time will put everything in its place”, – said the artist and this was completed to answer the questions of the correspondent.

      Now the “Golden voice of Russia” found happiness in a relationship with singer and producer Sophie Kalcheva. All fans say that Nicholas and Sophie looking so happy, being near each other, but the beautiful couple is in no hurry to register their relationships. Mom Baskov fully endorses the choice of his son. “Sonia is very beautiful, easy and fun. Nick loves all of it. But the fact that she has the education, creative, sings… it makes Me depressed. Sonia I really love and wish her happiness, – shared his opinion Elena. – Maybe they have with the lines and work out, and maybe, each of them has its own destiny”.

      Have Kolcevoy and the singer has the experience of family life, they are trying not to think about the past.

      Nikolai Baskov: “Sonya does not live and suffer”

      “We never talk about exes. Try not to drag past mistakes and failures in our current history. Just get pleasure from each day. Thank you a lot. It’s an experience. Me or you’re not a bad people,” – told “StarHit” Basque.

      Beloved artist son, Bogdan, which is almost the same age as the heir to Baskov. The singer had no trouble finding a common language with a child lady. Despite the fact that Sophie and Nicholas for the past three years happy in the relationship, they don’t think about the children.

      According to the publication Life.ru Basque tries to get around talking about his own son.

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