Nikolay Baskov gave the unfamiliar girl a car

Николай Басков подарил незнакомой девушке автомобиль
The singer took part in the big musical show of Viktor Drobysh in new York.

Николай Басков подарил незнакомой девушке автомобиль

Николай Басков подарил незнакомой девушке автомобиль

Victor Drobysh and his team gave a Grand concert
in new York city. After a 9 hour flight
overseas the entire creative team of performers and technical staff in the shortest terms has prepared one of
the largest sites in new York Barklays
Center of the “Russian evening” under the name
“Victor Drobysh 50 years. #Be all”.

In the end stage, light, screens, sound, orchestra, ballet,
artists and the main trophy of the evening — prize car by 7 pm (us
time) was alerted to the final show of the jubilee year
Honored artist, composer and producer Victor Drobysh.

In the final
evening guests were in for a surprise — the drawing of the car! It was led by the effervescent Nicholas
Basque. Children invited from the audience by lottery was drawn a prize sector
the number and location. In the end, the owner of the car was the girl from Bukhara
Jews. She was in such shock from the “smile of fortune”, that Nikolai Baskov had
work to jokes to “bring her up”. The singer was not taken aback,
picked up the lady in his arms and carried to the car.

“I am pleased to give emotions to people, — said Victor
Drobysh. — It is always interesting to watch – how to change a person with even the smallest
amenity. This sincere joy and raises the mood and gives
the significance of your everyday life. After all, if you could make happy
completely unfamiliar to you, it raises you in your own
own eyes”.

The best hits of Viktor Drobysh was performed by Irina Allegrova, Nikolay Baskov, Christina Orbakajte, Avraam Russo, Valeria, Soso Pavliashvili, Stas Peha, Glory,
Zara, Alexander Kogan and young team of producer and singer IVAN Nastasya Samburski.