Николай Басков бесплатно отработает концерт после скандала с "золотой судьей"
Recently, the Network has a scandal due to his daughter’s wedding Krasnodar judges, which were made by many stars of domestic show-business.

Николай Басков бесплатно отработает концерт после скандала с "золотой судьей"

Nikolai Baskov, who also sang at the wedding, decided to answer the haters. He said he was not against to act in the event of the charitable Foundation “Saving the lives” of Orenburg for free.

“I read on the Internet that Basque and Meladze speak for free at events. Sometimes, for example at the wedding of ordinary judges of the Krasnodar region. I thought, well, worse than we are, we’re still doing good things, helping kids. Sent him an invitation to address us at the event of the Foundation “Saving lives” for free. Here, waiting for an answer now. Join us, friends. Can anyone also what event or wedding – invite stars to themselves,” asked the Chairman of the organization Anna Mezhova in the social network.

“Dear Anna Mezhova I with great pleasure will perform for your Foundation “Saving lives” . And I want you to inform that he has already given more than 200 charity concerts for which he was awarded the Gold medal “For peacemaking and charitable activities” — award of the International public Fund “Russian peace Foundation”, wrote of the Basques said.

I wonder if Nicholas will have to work for free to everyone forgot loud case with a wedding.

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