Nikolay Baskov continues extremely to lose weight

Николай Басков продолжает экстремально худеть
The singer never stops in the pursuit of a perfect figure.

Photo: Instagram

Nikolay Baskov in recent months, constantly surprising their fans with their appearance. With each passing month, the singer melts into his eyes. Never before had he could not so long to control myself, not to eat your favorite delicious dishes, and limited to a diet, start your morning at the gym and so on.

Previously, even under the supervision of celebrity nutritionist and her friend part-time Queen Margaret, he managed to break the regime. Now the Basques invented a new “chip”. He always makes a goal to lose weight more to some kind of event. Oh, and the Grand events in his life enough. Only the wedding of Victoria and lopyrevoy broke. But very soon — within 2 days — on stage of the Kremlin Palace will host the annual presentation of the prestigious awards “Golden gramophone”. Nicholas is sure that he will again get the coveted statuette, and he wants to look on all “hundred”. And, judging by the photos from the gym, he definitely succeeded.

By the way, this spring, the Basques went to the next round on cities of Russia. And costumers got a nasty surprise: all the dresses Nicholas had to alter! Compared to last year, the Basques have lost three sizes.