Nikolay Baskov brought a bride in a mansion

Николай Басков перевез невесту в шикарный особняк The famous singer made a surprise beloved. Nikolay Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva began to live together. Very soon the lovers will announce the date long-awaited wedding and invite all the guests.
Николай Басков перевез невесту в шикарный особняк

In relations the main natural blonde in the country and his bride a new stage: celebrity decided on a joint life. However, Nicholas and Victoria have shared living space for long – lovers for a few days moved to a house in the suburbs to shoot the video for the song poems of the poet Mikhail Gutseriev “Your eyes Marengo”.

“The words of this composition are suitable for our Vetch history, – said the Basque “StarHit”. – I want to build a house without doors, without Windows, forget friends, girlfriends and feel personal space, and the second half”.

Lovers try not to separate even for a minute. Today the singer turned 41. In honor of the birthday, he gave a concert in Baku, and noted the occasion. Victoria came to him to personally congratulate my husband.

We will remind, in July of this year, the singer made an offer to the blonde and handed the ring. Lopyreva could not refuse…

“This girl I know for a long time, inside much and hope I will make her the happiest in the world. My heart completely belongs to her, and thought no more of one woman,” said the late Nicholas.
Николай Басков перевез невесту в шикарный особняк

Unfortunately, as scheduled – October 5 – the wedding did not take place due to family circumstances. Nicholas appealed to Ramzan Kadyrov, so he got into position. The singer promised to inform about the wedding date a little later and invite everyone. Nikolai Baskov: “the Wedding we’re moving”

Николай Басков перевез невесту в шикарный особняк“Remember that night when I differently looked at Vic. We’ve had a wedding, and I suddenly say, “I don’t want to dance with me?” And these three and a half minutes of the dance… I don’t know, but somehow it was warm, nice, quiet. Her eyes are incredible… I began to write in the evening and in the morning: how you doing? And then I realized: I have to see her, to talk to her, to hear the voice… My mom learned when the date of the wedding, said, “Son, I can’t give a blessing, I can’t let this day be at your wedding”. For mom October 5 – sad date,” – said the Basque “StarHit”.
Николай Басков перевез невесту в шикарный особняк

“StarHit” congratulates Nicholas happy birthday! The main thing – health! Wish your battery never went down, inspiration didn’t run out and life is also in full swing! The main thing – not on the head! Love!

Николай Басков перевез невесту в шикарный особняк