Nikolay Baskov became fascinated with model Sofia nikitchuk

Николай Басков увлекся моделью Софией Никитчук A famous actor has publicly supported the girl with his attentions. Sofia nikitchuk added fuel to the fire, adding that the photo with Nikolai Baskov was taken on Valentine’s Day. At the same time, many have suggested that the stars just decided to make a joke.

24-year-old winner of the beauty contest “Miss Russia-2015” Sofia nikitchuk surprised fans with a joint photo with Nikolai Baskov. The model published a picture, which she captured in an embrace with a famous singer. It seems that Nicholas is preparing to give the brunette a passionate kiss.

The signature, which Sofia left to photography, was no less intriguing. The girl congratulated the fans on February 14 and left some funny emoticons.

“And how do you was your Valentines Day?” she queried subscribers.

Social media users were delighted with the photos of Sophia and Nicholas. According to them, model and actor look great together. Fans of the girl found that she looks great, and covered the brunette a lot of compliments. “Amazing”, “Wow”, “Surprise”, “Nicholas – handsome”, “I fell. But look cool”, “the Burning,” – commented on them.

At the same time, many remembered the engagement Nikolai Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva. The pair were going to get married the fifth of October last year, but then postponed the ceremony for family reasons. As it turned out, this was the day when died the grandfather of Nicholas, so the mother of the singer did not bless him. In the result, the star decided to legalize the relationship later. About when Basque and Lopyreva scrapie your Union, not yet reported.

Some users of social networks Nicholas suspected of treason to the bride. “What about Victoria?”, “He Lopyreva,” – commented on them. At the same time, most followers of Sofia agreed that they with the famous singer showed a wonderful sense of humor. “You guys certainly know how to joke”, “well Done”, “speed racer. Excited the public,” “They, at the fan,” was discussed by the fans of the brunette.

We note that recently Sofia nikitchuk starred in a new music video Busta for the song “My broken dreams” together with Aleksey Serebryakov, Yuliya Aug, Ivan Urgant. The plot of the movie father chastises daughter, played by model and recalls how himself was young and was in a hurry for a meeting with the second half. By the way, nikitchuk not the first time takes part in the filming of the music video. In early February, Sofia spoke about working with the star of the show “the Voice” Alex Malinowski. Premiere of work the artist will take place in late winter or early spring.