Николай Басков красиво простился с Викторией Лопыревой
The show with the wedding of Victoria and lopyrevoy Nikolai Baskov had to end sooner or later, but the main actors had to put a beautiful point.

Николай Басков красиво простился с Викторией Лопыревой

First time to get married my mother interrupted Nicholas, who remembered that on this day in the family mourning for his grandmother. Then Vic was too busy preparing for the world Cup and the pair announced that will get married, if our team will advance to the finals.

These words, almost immediately signed a “death sentence” this wedding, but after the game with Spain and during a match with Croats a chance for this marriage existed. Well, after penalties Basque Lopyreva and exhaled with relief.

Николай Басков красиво простился с Викторией Лопыревой

And today, the birthday of lopyrevoy Nicholas sent her via instagram a farewell letter. He wrote that we leave, but thanked them for everything they had and it became clear that this performance came to an end.
Read for yourself. Everything is clear without comment:

My dear @lopyrevavika ,I cordially congratulate you happy Birthday!!! You are unique , beautiful and gorgeous girl, intelligent, educated, spoiled with attention and admiration, but be a man with a pure soul and kind heart !!! I wish you only what you wish yourself , because you know what you want from life, love and profession !!! Happy to walk with you through life and I do not even matter in what status, the main thing that you were always there, and I am very grateful to you for all your love and care that you gave me and even tears. And the emotions that I experienced with you , they will forever remain in my heart!!! Be happy , the whole world is at your feet and may you always be blessed!!!

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