Nikolay Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva went on a hunger strike

Николай Басков и Виктория Лопырева объявили голодовку The lovers fell off the diet in Baku. Nikolay Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva spent a few days in Azerbaijan, where the actor celebrated his birthday. The pair walked around the city and looked into local restaurants to taste the national dishes.

Your birthday the Golden voice of Russia met in hospitable Baku – where the artist sold out was the big solo concert as part of the tour. A real surprise for the singer and his fans was the appearance on stage of Baku crystal Hall bride of the famous artist models of the Victoria Lopyreva. She said touching greetings and presented to the beloved a huge bouquet of white roses. Lopyreva seduced Baskov in front of thousands of spectators

The couple decided to stay in Baku for another day – Nicholas and Victoria took a walk through the Old town, climbed the Maiden’s tower, from “natural blonde” even jokingly threatened to throw a beauty-lover. Not spared the boys, and restaurants.

“The local cuisine is, of course, a very big threat to a diet, – has shared with “StarHit” Nikolay Baskov. – Had to make an exception, because to abandon national dishes was simply impossible. Tried the delicious lamb on the bone, Vick liked the grilled fish. And what sort of vegetables! Local wine, unfortunately, could not be assessed – we favorite just don’t drink alcohol”.

The pair were very lucky with the weather all the time was a comfortable 21 degrees Celsius. To leave the capital of Azerbaijan together it was hard in all senses.

“In Baku the warm, hospitable people, a very pleasant impression of the city was formed – shared Lopyreva with “StarHit”. Everywhere we were so excited, as though waiting for the rest of our lives. Everywhere incredibly beautiful presentation of dishes. I did not want to go.”

Upon arrival in Moscow, Victoria and Nicholas literally went on hunger strike.

“I decided a couple of days to sit on a severe diet, too much fat was eaten on the trip – says Basque. But it was worth it!”

Fans of the famous singer is looking forward to his wedding. The celebration was held on the fifth of October, but in some circumstances they postponed the celebration. Victoria and Nicholas was assured that very soon will announce a new date for the wedding and invite guests. Nikolai Baskov: “the Wedding we’re moving”

“When Nicholas called and said that they decided against Vika to get married, I felt a crazy joy. I took the news as a welcome, because you know the son is ready for this important step. But 5 Oct died my father and our family for this day of remembrance. Of course I’m upset you guys, but I want to say a huge thank you first of all Vick for what he understood and accepted the situation,” said the mother of the artist.