Nikolay Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva plan your honeymoon

Николай Басков и Виктория Лопырева планируют свой медовый месяц Lovers choose a convenient date for everyone. Nikolay Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva getting ready for the wedding. Until they decided whether to make a chic celebration with a huge number of guests, or arrange the ceremony in the narrow circle of the closest people without too much fuss.
Николай Басков и Виктория Лопырева планируют свой медовый месяц

In mid-summer the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov announced about the forthcoming wedding of Nikolai Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva. The lovers had intended to tie the knot on 5 October, but the singer is remembered that this day the memory of his grandfather, so it would be wrong at this moment to arrange a celebration. However, until now, the couple has not announced a new date. Celebrities have easy, because they’re very busy business and career, but I want to take an active part in the organization of the event. Moreover, immediately after the wedding and the Basque Lopyreva intend to go on a honeymoon. Nikolai Baskov: “the Wedding we’re moving”

“One more thing: mom didn’t want me to have tied the knot to 41 years. Well, this is what she had for me are fear, superstition. But now it’s for sure in the future I will play well. And as we have with Vika very tight schedule eight months in advance, and the triumph I would like to organize not in a hurry. Besides, it would be nice after the wedding to go on vacation together – to go on a honeymoon. And Vick before the start of the world Cup will be extremely busy. So the wedding before it ends will not be”, – the singer admitted.

Nikolay does not hide that he took his beloved passion and now passionately interested in football. He admired the way Victoria knows a lot about the teams and players. Also Golden voice of Russia never ceases to wonder how his fiancee takes strength in order to constantly obtain new knowledge. Nikolay Baskov met with the mother of Victoria is lopyrevoy

“I am happy that next to me luxurious, beautiful, talented and intelligent girl who is always in the process of improving. I recently went on to study sports management so that a student now. The wick because the singing, and I love it when my girls sing, I pulled them always together went on tour. But she told me to sing in public will not. Why? They have other goals,” admitted the Basques.

Nicholas said in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem” in his apartment for four years now there is a repair, but because he is often at home with Victoria. Singer glad to have them measured for each relationship, but because they enjoy every minute spent together.