Николай Костер-Вальдау провел экскурсию в своем новом доме

Николай Костер-Вальдау провел экскурсию в своем новом доме

The star of “Game of thrones” Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who played in the TV series Jamie Lannister, recently bought a mansion in Beverly hills. It is worth noting that the house, which is located on the West coast, has an interesting style. Such housing would not appreciate a serial hero of our actor.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau bought a house in Beverly hills not only for himself, he will live there with his entire family. In the mansion there are no classical arches and luxurious tapestry. Actor and producer was hired as a designer of two young but talented professionals. They were able to make California the house is quite modest, but with a hint of Scandinavia. Since Nicholas was born and raised in Denmark, for it is important that the interior helped him to feel at home.

Backyard designers have designed a large tropical garden. It was the idea of the master of the house. According to Nicholas, in Denmark there is a very good tradition: the indigenous people of the country three months out of the year spend the maximum amount of time, they enjoy nature and relax. The actor wants his family had the same tradition. Moreover, to comply with her will not be difficult, because in the centre of the garden is a large swimming pool.

Nicholas recently gave an interview and shared her thoughts about the mansion. The actor admitted that in California it is very suitable to the climate, he loves spending time outdoors and in the pool can and does hold all day. And his favourite place is the garden, where he enjoys spending free time.

Inside the house is decorated by the friends of Nicholas, designers, Lonnie castle, Brigitte Nellemann. The style of the mansion is not luxury, arranged all the furniture in a modern style and walls are decorated with works of masters from different parts of the world. Nicholas didn’t care how it will look in his house, the main requirements were comfort and simplicity.

The star of “Game of thrones” believes that everyone who worked on the design of his house a great play and workaholics who were able to realize all his dreams. Nicholas admitted that until the last moment showed the project of the house his wife wanted to give her a surprise. Fortunately, the wife appreciated his work and respect from the very first days feels in the house comfortable and cozy.

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