Николай Валуев показал свое фото с кудрями

It’s hard to believe, but once a boxer and TV presenter was great hair.

“I’m here too. A long time ago. With hair”, signed Nikolai Valuev the shot in Instagram and put lots and lots of emoticons.

It and is clear: to know the famous boxer, MP and TV presenter among the group of inflated guys and even on the old black-and-white picture, not so easy. But looking closely, you see: here it is – Kohl’s, largest! And the curls-what!

It’s hard to believe, but once Valuev was great hair. However, the boxer is clearly not complex about thinning hair has long been shaved bald.

Which, incidentally, is right, because doctors have proved that bald men from the excess of male sex hormone, testosterone. And Valuev is a clear proof of this theory: recall that the athlete is almost 20 years old married his first and only wife Galina, who bore him three children: two sons and a daughter.

By the way, all three descendants of a boxer went to a miniature mother. But Valuev was a giant. In 12 years he had a height of 196 centimeters and 47 foot size. By the time of graduation, this moment imprinted on archival photo with curly Valuev – a future champion grew some more.

So now the growth Nicholas is 2 meters 14 centimeters and weigh more than 130 kg.

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