Николай Валуев объяснил, почему женился The famed boxer, member of the jury of the show “the League of amazing people” on the channel “Russia 1” revealed a family secret. Nikolay Valuev has told why he split up with single status, allowing his wife-a housewife and like spending time with children.
Николай Валуев объяснил, почему женился

Nikolai Valuev is a living legend of world sport, the highest heavyweight boxer, owner of the large fist to 43 centimeters. He’s already eight years, as announced the end of a professional sports career, and has since been actively engaged in social issues, politics, charity, and participating in TV projects. For example, Nicholas is now a member of the jury show of the channel Russia-1 “the League of amazing people.”

Valuev happily married. His wife Galina, nee Dimitrov, all 19 years of marriage, homemaker, housewife. Galina gave birth to Nicholas three children – of Gregory, Irina and Sergei. Boxer always speaks very fondly about his wife and gladly answers questions. For example, why is he married and what his wife allows. Valuev decided to tie the knot, because Galina cooks, and authorises it to her. In the family there is love and trust.

“I met my wife at a birthday party, she fed me salad, and fed so well that now knows no troubles and gave me three wonderful children. Galina is a housewife and can afford at any time to go where he wants and do what she wants because I trust her completely. She is a wonderful person, whom I respect, appreciate and love very much. I don’t need to check anything,” – said Nikolai Valuev.

Despite the fact that Valuev has retired from the sport, he has a very busy schedule. But as told the father of many children, he finds time to communicate with their mixed-age heirs. “A common language with the children I find. Descend from the height of its growth to their level and speak eye to eye,” jokes Nicholas.

Николай Валуев объяснил, почему женился “Very often children’s schedules do not coincide with mine. In that time, while I’m home, they learn at trainings or somewhere busy… Dad came with him to play chess, to talk, that is the eldest son Grisha. He’s already more Mature, philosophical conversations went, because the age of transition, 16 years old kid. Jireh eleven, she too goes into the conversations, the advice, the search for truth. And Serge will be six, he is with us still wants dad to go crazy, to run, to jump,” – said Valuev.

Now Valuev can be seen in the show “the League of amazing people”. Company on the bench of the jury of the boxer made Nikolai Baskov and star of American film and television Pamela Anderson. It turned out that Valuev never seen a single episode of long-running TV series “Baywatch”, Pamela became the main calling card. However, the boxer admitted that he never watched any film with the actress. Yes, and the English language he does not know well enough to chat with Pamela. But she still gives him respect, because it follows its own principles. For example, in the protection of animals. “You know that she is a protector of animals and somehow came to Moscow with a promotion. Anderson was the only one who came to the event in a fur coat faux fur, and our elite wore Sables. I act it a matter of respect. She once took to defend, protect and doesn’t wear fur” – quoted Valuev “Antenna-Telesem”.