Nikolai Tsiskaridze was forced Anastasia to lose weight

Николай Цискаридзе заставил Анастасию Волочкову похудеть Famous ballet dancers were the heroes of the program “Hello, Andrew” on TV channel “Russia 1”. Nicholas and Anastasia decided to recall how he started the career path. Tsiskaridze admitted that between them have repeatedly occurred quarrel.
Николай Цискаридзе заставил Анастасию Волочкову похудеть

Nikolai Tsiskaridze is the rector of the Academy of Russian ballet named after Vaganova in St. Petersburg. The artist successfully preparing new talent for the big stage of the best theaters of Russia and abroad.

According to him, that he once helped Anastasia Volochkova dancing at the Bolshoi theater. Nicholas remembered that they were close friends and acted together, so he wanted to help the ballerina. He advised her to come to certain people who would be able to arrange it on the main stage of the country. Volochkova took the advice of a friend, she soon became a Big star, and, according to Tsiskaridze, conceited.

Anastasia danced to any party what she wants. According to Nicholas, the dancer literally supervised the main stage of the country, conflicts between them broke out regularly. However, the administration at one point decided by any means to remove them from prestigious institutions. Tsiskaridze did not mention the names of those people who began to urge all dancers to sign a petition which spoke of incompetent dancers. Nicholas refused to follow the decree of the management.

“Anastasia will confirm, I’ve always tried to tell her the truth, always. I came over and said, “Nastus, it is necessary to think about form.” But I had a right to those words. And when someone else is allowed to say that she was fat and large, These people had no such right,” said Tsiskaridze.
Николай Цискаридзе заставил Анастасию Волочкову похудеть

The actor openly admitted that Anastasia was not complete, as mentioned by their executives. According to him, it would be easy to raise it. Volochkova has confirmed this information.

“It was all very unpleasant. Art has always pursued the bad actions of other people,” said Nicholas.
Николай Цискаридзе заставил Анастасию Волочкову похудеть

Today, old grudges between the stars forgotten. Ballerina gave each beloved a bouquet of white roses and hugged when meeting in the program. Anastasia said that still didn’t take the work-book and pension certificate of the Bolshoi theater. Volochkova said that she decided to host houses its own temple of art. For the first time she showed reporters how her luxurious apartment.

“I decided to make a Big theatre at home! Here is my bedroom 102 square meter, with the boudoir. A woman like I deserve it. There is a community of moral monsters just. But I have to say that this luxurious life you deserve!” – said Volochkova.

Nicholas noted that his apartment in St. Petersburg, much less the apartment of the ballerina. But, according to him, he was missing. Also Anastasia once again showed an exclusive ring, which costs 57 million rubles. Volochkova has hinted that decoration gave her a good one.

“I have deserved it, I suffered, I’m not obliged to anyone anything. And all that talk behind the back… Hear only my butt,” said Anastasia.

Николай Цискаридзе заставил Анастасию Волочкову похудеть

Nicholas noticed that Volochkova has always been detractors. In school she used to conspire fellow students, cut Pointe shoes and gossip.

“Nastya liked to irritate people. She couldn’t walk down the street just, it was always with rose. I like a man to show off, well, if a person gets pleasure from it”, – said Tsiskaridze.

Николай Цискаридзе заставил Анастасию Волочкову похудеть