Николай Цискаридзе раскрыл тайну своего рождения Lamar N. gave birth to a future star of Russian ballet in 43 years. Mother, people’s artist of Russia had anticipated that its successor will achieve what he wants. According to Tsiskaridze, even to the date of his death, the woman had prepared in advance.
Николай Цискаридзе раскрыл тайну своего рождения

Nikolai Tsiskaridze became the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. People’s artist of Russia told about his late mother, who devoted himself entirely to the son. Lamar N. left life arranged in Tbilisi, good job, left her husband – all for the sake of the beloved son could studies at the Moscow choreographic school.

Tsiskaridze said that never knew his own father. The boy was raised by a mom who instilled in Nicholas the love of ballet, and Babysitting. Lamar N. was not concealed from the son the details of his fate, so he never called his stepfather ” dad.”

“My stepfather came into my life when I haven’t talked. I immediately explained that I was born from another man. As it happened, of course, mom did not. She could so easily able to steer the conversation… I got her when she was 43 years old. She taught me from childhood to expensive things. Mom wanted to be always young, so I called her by name. The family all worked, all plowed from morning to evening. Since I was born later, my grandmother died, I was raised by a nanny. That was a fantastic woman. Even as adults, I realized that she is not my mother tongue. The nanny was a real from Kiev, my first language is Ukrainian”, – said Nikolai.
Николай Цискаридзе раскрыл тайну своего рождения

Tsiskaridze said that Soviet doctors put Lamar Nikolaevna the diagnosis of “infertility”. It is desperate to give birth until we went to the temple.

“Once mom came to Church, she was very religious, there is some grandmother told her that in the mountains there is a ruined temple, consisting of one wall, on it the image of the virgin Mary,” Tsiskaridze explained.
Николай Цискаридзе раскрыл тайну своего рождения

An elderly woman was punished Lamar Nikolaevna to go to the wall and ask the higher forces of the child. “She went there, asked… Then my mother’s gynecologist, I was called a miracle,” added the actor.

Nicholas noted that the mother possessed unusual abilities, she could guess. According to the artist, he is skeptical of the predictions of Lamar Nikolaevna, however, before exams, while studying in school always asked her the ticket number. Mom stars have never made a mistake.

The date of his death Lamar N. also knew in advance. The last months she spent in the hospital: she suffered a stroke. Nicholas insisted that the mother underwent a full examination in a clinic. The woman talked with her son before leaving. The actor revealed that he was shocked when he saw mom in the morgue.

“She had a fresh manicure. Then I thought, “Lord, what services are in the morgue?!” Turns out my mom knew, she would leave and asked the nurses to call the manicurist to the intensive care unit… to give her a manicure and pedicure. I have never seen my mother without makeup or unkempt hands. So I always first getting to know a person, look at his hands,” said Nikolai.