Nikolai Karachentsov was urgently hospitalized

Николая Караченцова экстренно госпитализировали The actor was in the hospital. Nikolai Karachentsov is in the Department of neurosurgery research Institute. Sklifosofskiy. Fans are very worried about the state of health of the actor loved by millions.
Николая Караченцова экстренно госпитализировали

Today it became known that the popular actor Nikolai Karachentsov was in the hospital. The actor was sent to the Department of neurosurgery research Institute. Sklifosovsky, after a sharp deterioration of health. It is reported that he was given an emergency examination of the brain. It is unknown why it urgently hospitalized. In the reference hospital, the journalists have confirmed that Nikolay Karachentsov is at them, but did not mention the diagnosis.

“Nikolai Karachentsov was admitted in the first neurosurgery”, – told in the clinic.
Николая Караченцова экстренно госпитализировали

In February of this year Nikolay Petrovich suffered in a car accident. He was driving with his wife Lyudmyla Parginos, a friend of the family and the nurse to the cinema. In the car of a famous actor crashed “Gazelle”, but luckily all survived. Behind the wheel was the wife Karachentsova who told me “StarHit” that shortly before the accident, did not leave her anxious thoughts. Despite the fact that the car flipped, the passengers escaped with minor injuries. The wife of Nicholas Karachentsova: “Guys, I good and had not planned the murder of her husband”

Николая Караченцова экстренно госпитализировали“I realized it when I pulled through the side window. Then he took Elsa. Kohl’s was the furthest, it was Nadya, he shouted, “take it off, I can’t breathe”. When turned to the “freedom” said: “Now I want a cigarette”. All were sent for x-rays in a hospital in Queens. On the way, Kohl’s humor: “All right. Scars adorn a man.” The most severe damage was Elsa has broken four ribs. The other escaped with cuts and bruises. But her husband still sent to “sklif”, it was waiting for the main resuscitator, to be sure – the brain is not damaged. The night was called and told that the head’s all right,” said Lyudmila Andreevna.

Karachentsov Porgina try to monitor their health. Summer they spent in Bulgaria with his son and grandchildren. The couple enjoyed spending time with family and relaxing at the seaside.

Fans are very worried about the health of 72-year-old artist, and I hope that soon will be discharged from the hospital. As reports the edition “Interfax” it is unknown what is the status Karachentsov. Later it turned out that the actor is undergoing tests and his wife, and will remain in a medical facility one or two weeks.