Nikolai Karachentsov was back in the hospital

Николай Караченцов снова попал в больницу

Actor night fell out of bed and injured his leg.

On 27 October, the actor turns 72 years old. But I think it’s the birthday of Nikolai Petrovich will spend in the hospital. As it became known, recently the actor was hospitalized. Son of the star of Soviet cinema information confirmed.

According to some, Nikolay Petrovich night fell out of bed, and as he was already injured leg to climb on their own could not. In the end, the artist almost three hours had lain on the floor, while his wife Lyudmila Porgina looking for people who would help her raise it, writes Starhit.

Then Karachentsov defined in one of the best rehabilitation centers of Moscow, where he is still. The son of actor Andrey Karachentsov has confirmed the presence of the father in the hospital, but to go into other details did not.

We will remind, after accident in 2005, the actor most of the time at home. He’s already had multiple surgeries, including brain.

Nikolai Petrovich is registered in the troupe of the theatre “Lenkom”, but in performances today, not busy.