Николай Караченцов возвращается к светской жизни после ДТП Lyudmila Porgina became the heroine of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. The actress remembered the accident, in which she and her husband got a few months ago. According to the woman, now Nikolay Karachentsov feels much better.
Николай Караченцов возвращается к светской жизни после ДТП

In February of this year Nikolay Karachentsov is involved in an accident. Driving a car that crashed into a “Gazelle”, was his wife Lyudmila Porgina. In addition to the spouses, in the car were a nurse and a friend of the family. In a fatal accident the accident occurred 12 years later after Nikolay Petrovich received a traumatic brain injury and spent a month in a coma, hurrying from the country to Moscow.

Lyudmila Porgina gave an interview to the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”, in which he spoke about events that happened a few months ago, and for the status of her husband. The wife of a famous artist was accused that she was driving while intoxicated. Lyudmila Andreevna says that is not consumed alcoholic beverages.

Николай Караченцов возвращается к светской жизни после ДТП“Imagine, 12 years to fight for human life, to drink, to sit down and kill all four of you and myself too? And for what it is? I have a long day. In the morning I scored the trunk with wine, vodka, champagne, whiskey to bring to the restaurant for the Wake… All crashed, we don’t know how much was lying. The car rolled over several times and lay on its side. All the coat in the blood, vodka, wine, whiskey. We breathed, was all wet,” shared Porgina.
Николай Караченцов возвращается к светской жизни после ДТП

Friends of Nikolay Karachentsov has proposed appeal, but they were busy with other things. The actor needed the intervention of doctors – in the left lung, the stars found a tumor. As a result, the artist went for medical treatment in Germany.

The leader of the program Andrey Malakhov asked Ludmilla Parginos about how it now feels for her husband. “Yes, fine,” said the actor’s wife. The newscast showed footage taken of the house of the famous artist. Nikolai Karachentsov looks sprightly and refreshed.

“The most important thing in life? Love… So we have something to live for? Let’s sing: “You got me at dawn will Wake up” calls in the video Porgina to the spouse.
Николай Караченцов возвращается к светской жизни после ДТП

The program showed that Nikolay Karachentsov is trying to support his wife and with the joy of communicating with her. “Come on,” he replies to the offer Parginos to play music.

Speaking to the program, Lyudmila Andreevna also admitted that Nikolay Karachentsov no intention of confining itself within the four walls. The actor is interesting to watch performances and movies, as well as walk through museums.

Николай Караченцов возвращается к светской жизни после ДТП“I’m not sitting at home. I go to the theater, we are already four times was in the theater and twice at the cinema. We already went to the Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva, we were well aware. (…) Well, people want emotions, where did he go,” shared the woman.
Николай Караченцов возвращается к светской жизни после ДТП

The touching video which was filmed by the correspondents of the program in the house of a famous actor, he solves a crossword puzzle. “And you have me handsome? No, you’re what? You are a handsome man. You know I love you? Will live long? You know I love you more than life?” – says Lyudmila Andreevna to Nikolay Karachentsov. The actress also talked about the fact that her husband cares about her.

“He’s afraid I’m going to have to leave. Where did I leave? I was lame, he says: “Two disabled people do not live in the same house. Or me or you. We need one lame”. I said, “Well,” – said Lyudmila Andreevna with journalists.
Николай Караченцов возвращается к светской жизни после ДТП

As it turned out, Ludmila Porgina caring not only for her husband. The woman also supports the actor and stuntman Nicholas Astapovo, friend of Nikolay Karachentsov. He can’t walk himself after the accident. Lyudmila Andreevna doing everything possible to make the man feel better.

“People got ahold of me, Nicholas was already feeling better, and I worse. She began to carry me through the professors, helped to be admitted to the Institute named sklifosofskiy. You know, to be a burden is very difficult,” said Astapov.
Николай Караченцов возвращается к светской жизни после ДТП

In the final show of the artist Catherine Podkolzina asked Ludmilla Parginos why her husband, who goes so hard, do not do knee surgery. The wife of Nicholas Karachentsova: “Guys, I good and had not planned the murder of her husband”

“Tell you in person. The work done. He will survive, but recover can’t. He has no physical capacity to go through the rehabilitation period, to make the artificial joint. So we go. And we are not of that go bad, but because we had an epileptic fit when you were with him, wrote the picture, and are unable to make an injection of Relanium. You know, he was one seizure, the second, the third. After that, he burned the nerve endings in the head, and he lost his left arm and left leg,” explained the wife of Nikolai Petrovich.