Nikolai Karachentsov found metastases in the lymph nodes

У Николая Караченцова обнаружили метастазы в лимфоузлах Some time ago the doctors found the theater and movie stars lung cancer. The wife of the famous actor Lyudmila Porgina told reporters about his condition. According to the woman, now Nikolay Karachentsov select methods of treatment.
У Николая Караченцова обнаружили метастазы в лимфоузлах

People’s artist of the RSFSR Nikolai Karachentsov struggling with a serious illness. The actor was diagnosed with cancer. Despite the terrible diagnosis of doctors, intimate theater and movie stars are trying to cheer up and hope for the best. Next week Nikolai Petrovich celebrate his birthday – he turns 73 years. He is now at home with his wife Lyudmyla Parginos. Reporters contacted the woman reveals details of the condition of the husband.

Wife Karachentsova: “If cancer, we will fight”

According to Lyudmila Andreevna, doctors have not yet decided on the therapy for her husband. In the near future Karachentsov will be tested.

“Cancer of the left part of the lung, locally, with metastasis in the lymph node. It’s all very locally, so now we have already passed the tests to see what medication can be used to start the fight against this muck,” shared Porgina.
У Николая Караченцова обнаружили метастазы в лимфоузлах

Nikolai Karachentsov was hospitalized on September 18. The actor was put in the Department of neurosurgery. The son of the actor said that his father is undergoing tests and will stay in a medical facility for a few weeks.

In early October, the wife of Nicholas Karachentsova Lyudmila Porgina reported that he was diagnosed with lung cancer. According to the wife of a famous actor, he would not survive surgery. The couple are preparing for chemotherapy.

Wife Karachentsova: “We are praying and looking for money chemistry”

У Николая Караченцова обнаружили метастазы в лимфоузлах“If found malignant. In February we had a suspected cancer, we flew to Germany, where we said it was just inflammation. But in September, during a routine examination they found a tumor. It is not operable. But we hope for the best,” – said the wife of a famous actor “StarHit”.

The couple made the decision to be treated in Moscow. The choice of Nikolai Karachentsov and Lyudmila Porgina fell on a well-known expert George Frank. To him the couple was sent to the doctors who examined the star of theatre and film in the Institute Sklifosovsky. “The world’s genius! I met with Frank and showed the results of histology. He confirmed that my husband has cancer. He needs time to determine at what stage the disease is and how to fight it” – said the wife of Nikolai Petrovich.

According to Lyudmila Parginos, her husband feels fine and does not complain of discomfort. A woman tries to take care of the Karachentsov and spends a lot of time with him. “Now he just walked, then will have lunch, rest and again go for a walk. So far, so good” – quoted Porgina the TV channel “Star”.