Николай Караченцов празднует прогресс в лечении Famous actor continues to struggle with a malignant tumor in the lung. Some time ago friends of Nicholas Karachentsov managed to collect a six-figure sum, and he went to Israel with his wife Lyudmyla Parginos.
Николай Караченцов празднует прогресс в лечении

In late March, the 73-year-old Nikolay Karachentsov went along with his wife Lyudmyla Parginos to Israel, there to undergo a course of radiation therapy. As it became known to journalists, the couple returned to Russia. This was told by the son of people’s artist Andrey Karachentsov.

Soon Nikolai Petrovich have to go see physicians, and then it will be chemotherapy. Friends are trying to support the star in this difficult period. The actor is accompanied everywhere by his wife Lyudmila Porgina. A woman visits together with the artist doctors and encourages him.

According to Andrey Karachentsov, after radiotherapy was achieved very good results. The scan showed that the tumor decreased significantly in size.

“They flew, all right. Now dad immediately taken to the hospital to conduct a survey after Israel. Mom first dad going to the hospital, then leave the country, and the Pope with the nurse will remain in the hospital. Planned chemotherapy after radiation therapy”, – said the son of Nikolai Petrovich.
Николай Караченцов празднует прогресс в лечении

Earlier Lyudmila Porgina told “StarHit” about the treatment of her husband. According to his wife Karachentsova, he continues to engage in physical activity every morning, and the actor does a set of exercises.

Nikolay Karachentsov: “I dream that the cancer receded”

“One therapy session lasts 15-20 minutes. Its principle of operation is that the tumor seems to be “roasted”. In 11 hours we have at home. At first nick a little rest, and sleep after doing exercises – sit-UPS, hands and feet. Then comes lunch time. My husband is on a special diet. He only dishes that are steamed. But he’s a sweet tooth, so for the happiness to buy cakes with whipped cream and praline is just a delight!” – shared Porgina.

Thanks to caring people relatives Karachentsov managed to gather an impressive amount of money in the amount of three million rubles. Friends of Nikolai Petrovich in no hurry to make predictions about the further course of the disease. According to Andrey Karachentsov that his father does not complain of health problems. “The health of the Pope is good, he is active, vigorous”, – said the son of people’s artist with TASS.

We will remind that about the serious illness of Nikolay Karachentsov became known last fall. The artist was diagnosed with an inoperable malignant tumor in her left lung.