Nikolai Fomenko needs to be more attentive to themselves

Николай Фоменко должен быть внимательнее к себе
Yesterday, 30 April, celebrating the birthday of Nikolay Fomenko.

Николай Фоменко должен быть внимательнее к себе

He turned 50 years old.

Nicholas is very popular, he starred in the TV series, is a sports commentator.

Now Fomenko is the fourth marriage.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva decided to explore the life code of a star.

“Life code Nicholas – 257 – says that he was born in “Day of excessive liability.” A self-sufficient person, talented and charming personality, he’s not used to settling for less and always strives for growth – personal and career. But Fomenko’s too strong, proud, and impatient – it is his negative qualities.

He is not a lucky man, he never pours from the sky: all that he has achieved, went to the artist hard work. In this celebrity helped his love for the work and tremendous charisma – he is able to please even the most negative to the people. He is very responsible, knows how to defend his point of view. It is important to always stand your ground if it is to change behavior and begin to give, his life will be betrayal”.

Congratulations to Nicholas happy birthday!

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