Nikolai Drozdov accident

Николай Дроздов попал в ДТП In mass media appeared information that the TV presenter, while driving, hit a woman who was moving on the roadway. Eyewitnesses of the incident called an ambulance. At the moment the victim is in the hospital. Nikolai Drozdov confirmed “StarHit” that was an accident.

      Николай Дроздов попал в ДТП

      Today in mass media there was information that the 79-year-old TV presenter Nikolai Drozdov got in an accident. It happened near the metro station “Konkovo”, near the house №27 on the street Ostrovityanova. According to journalists, the 57-year-old Tatiana crossed the road on the carriageway in the moment when it touched the car Drozdov.

      Immediately after the incident occurred, the presenter got out of the car and gave the woman first aid. Bystanders who witnessed the accident, called an ambulance. Tatyana was hospitalized.

      At the moment the victim is in the hospital. At first she was in the intensive care unit, and after it was rerouted to the trauma. “StarHit” contacted Nikolai Nikolaevich, confirmed the fact that the accident occurred.

      Note that the famous TV presenter moves not only in the car. In one of his interviews, Drozdov said that often prefers car bike. According to Nicholas, there’s nothing better than to ride with the wind, when it’s beautiful weather. Drozdov admitted that changes the means of transportation at least a couple times a week.

      In addition, Nicholas could easily go down into the subway. But the ride in the underground transport Drozdov difficult. The fact that the leading “world of animals” constantly know the residents and guests of the capital, who asked him about sharing photos.

      Recall that recently in Moscow was held the presentation of the award “the Secular journalist of year”. At this event, Nikolai Drozdov was awarded the prize in the nomination “Legend of the national science and journalism.” Receiving a commemorative award, the presenter quoted the famous scientist and poet Mikhail Lomonosov, who spoke about the richness of the Russian language. In addition Drozdov, a soiree also attended Elena Volatile, Larisa Verbitskaya, Kira Proshutinskaya Olga Pogodin, Mikhail Baghdasarov, Catherine velichenko, and many others.

      Visitors of the award noted that Nikolai Drozdov is in fine form. By the way, in one interview, the presenter shared the secret to their great appearance. Nicholas admitted that it was important to respect the day and sleep, and exercise. According to Drozdova, it can help to slow down the process of aging.