Николай Добрынин раскрыл тайны четверного сезона «Молодежки»
The new series will start on STS channel on October 17.

Nikolai Dobrynin

Photo: Philip Goncharov

In the fourth season of the “Junior” character
Nikolai Dobrynin, Nikolai S. Bakin, tireless father of the goalkeeper Senj
Bakin makes a quick career. In the third part Bakin-senior, last
mechanic 6-th category was the Deputy mayor of youth Affairs and sports. “Now
my hero decides to run for mayor, says 7days.ru Nikolai Dobrynin. And in the race switched with
with his characteristic enthusiasm, it will all end, I can not yet say, see

The release of the new season Nikolai Dobrynin
there was a whole army of admirers of the fathers of young hockey players. “Dad these guys fit
thank you, they say, well done, fun to play, — says Dobrynin. —
Indeed, the character is very recognizable. So, probably, it is necessary
to love their children like Bakin a senior his Life – passionately and zealously. My
Nicholas S. has a son and carrot, constantly giving him
kick because he sees in him all his unrealized ambitions, but only so
I think children will sense”.

In the fourth season of “Youth” also played
Fedor Bondarchuk, Denis Nikiforov, Andrey Merzlikin, Mikhail Zhigalov, Vladimi
Zaitsev, Anatoly Kott, Vladimir sterjakov, Seraphim Nizovskaya, Elena galibina and