Николай Добрынин рассказал, как вымаливал для себя дочь The actor was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Dobrynin frankly told how he flew to the middle East on a business trip. And it was on that trip with him was a miracle.
Николай Добрынин рассказал, как вымаливал для себя дочь

Nikolai Dobrynin became a national favorite after roles in the TV series “Seraphim beautiful”, “Matchmakers”, “palm Sunday”, “Atlantis”. Behind the artist – two failed marriages. In his recognize, only the third wife, Catherine, he finally found happiness. The lovers have been together for about 20 years, but for a long time they did not have children. Nicholas frankly told him how literally begged only daughter Nina. According to him, the trip to work in the middle East changed his life. The actor toured several dozen of the temples. In one of them he met with mother Pelageya.

“This is the monastery where women come to nunalivut children… Mother Pelagia gave me the rope, vetochku with oil and said, “Come, quit on zone wife before you love each other you will.” I got home, we put on this belt. What it should have done,” shared the actor.
Николай Добрынин рассказал, как вымаливал для себя дочь

According to Dobrynin, a month later the wife told him that she was pregnant. “Katka said to me: “Yes, I’m pregnant! Exactly a month after the meeting with mother!” – said Nikolai.

In recognition of the actor, he always remembered the feelings he experienced when the wife gave birth to a long awaited daughter. Good news caught up with Nicholas on the road – during the next working trip.

“When she gave birth, I was riding the train to the shooting in Kiev. Katya called me and said hoarsely: “I gave birth to your daughter…” I’m so happy I lost my voice! Began to pray and beat his head, well, that one in SV was driving! From that moment began our happy life already Ninkai,” shared the actor.

Also Dobrynin in the program said that he has a son Michael. The young man is a child of the second wife of the artist Anna Terekhova. Nicholas adopted a boy when I was married to a woman. The actor said that after the divorce kept with Misha very warm relationship. The young man made friends with the native daughter of the artist.