Николаю Баскову предлагали деньги за секс The actor spoke about one incident. Nikolai Baskov a lot of fans, and some of them are so persistent that they are ready to go to great lengths to spend singer night. However, as a rule, it denies the fans.

Nikolay Baskov is one of the most popular artists in the Russian show-business. He has a lot of fans not only in Russia but also abroad. Nicholas often acts as a master of some music awards, and also loves to earn extra money on private events.

“Thanks to office parties, we, artists, can do large-scale show. I am my own producer. I was invited to expensive parties, where the audience is civilized. I don’t know if other artists and get into trouble, but my embarrassment didn’t happen” – shared Basque.

The singer is often credited with novels popular with different women, but lately Nicholas happy Victoria and lopyrevoy. Despite the fact that the lovers have not much time to be together, they say, the wedding has been postponed but will take place.

Sometimes fans are willing to go to great lengths to get Baskov.

“I tried to offer money for an evening tete-a-tete. I did not even bother to discuss. The lady was not appeased: “nick, tell me how much?!” I said, “I Have a particular organism such a period that now I’m brunette I do not react…” She said, “I’ll change!” – said Nikolai.

As recognized Nicholas, he was hard to live with Sophie Kalcheva. Because sometimes after a tour was necessary for him simply to be alone and not to pay attention to the girl. “It must be the same crazy girl to live with the singer. We have Sophie all by itself came to naught. You know, when a prolonged tour, then when tired, in no mood for going home, you want to be alone… On stage a lot of energy to give, so I want care and attention. And the other half does not understand this”, – shared the Basques.

Many of his colleagues in show business for a long time she kept asking the singer for his secret weight loss and a perfect shape. Nicholas recently got rid of 20 extra pounds. As the singer admitted in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the program includes not only the elixir of youth. “It is a whole system of life extension and anti-aging. For example, anti-wrinkle creams. For us, the artists, who almost every day use make-up, it’s the right thing. I have all the colleagues, by the way, please this cream and capsules on the basis of peptides, which slow aging of the skin. All want to be young”, – said the artist.