Nikolai Baskov turned into a bloody zombie

Николай Басков перевоплотился в кровавого зомби

We used to see Nikolai Baskov always starched, well-dressed, hair – hair to hair, because those pictures that appeared today in the Network, has shocked his fans and other users.

The Internet portal has published several pictures, which singer of the hit “jukebox” is shown as a zombie. Look, just say, is not the best: a face CROI and abrasions, eyes changed, do not Express any emotions, and instill fear and terror.

It turned out that this reincarnation Baskov pushed Director Vasily Sigarev, who invited the actor to star in a new project.

Another Arthouse sigareva called “Z” will be devoted to the theme of zombies and post-Apocalypse. The premiere of the 17-minute film will take place in the Internet — the idea of the Director, the premiere of his creation could be the beginning of the series.

“It was an interesting offer, so I immediately agreed. Scenario bite me right on the stage, behind the scenes and already I’m turning into a zombie. Was a difficult make — up- worked on it for several hours. We had great fun during the filming! Himself looking forward to the premiere,” — shared his impressions Nikolai.