Nikolai Baskov: “the Wedding we’re moving”

Николай Басков: «Свадьбу мы переносим» My investigation: will replenish our show business family the new star Duo? Coming October 5 – the day when they should be married Nikolai Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva.
Николай Басков: «Свадьбу мы переносим»

And though the offer of marriage was made in front of the well, a very serious witness, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, and the bride was presented with a fabulously expensive ring (and I quote the groom – “diamond seven carat”), doubts that soon will be born a new star family Duo, overcame not only me. The story seemed very sudden. So I decided to figure out the details – and not only the main characters of the upcoming celebration.


Николай Басков: «Свадьбу мы переносим»

“Kolya and I know each other since middle school, worked in the same theatre Studio, skipping school, kissing in a taxi. And I know how he is able to take care of. Hearing about the wedding with Victoria, I thought that nick with his sense of humor decided to make another drawing. But it all seriously, and that’s fine. Vika is the charm, and see in what form now came Nicholas. This is incredible!”

Victoria Lopyreva

“We don’t want to prove anything to anyone, and we still believe in our love or not. We just want to live together. You know, there’s a good phrase – perhaps for someone it and rudely saying, forgive us our happiness and walk away”.

Elena N. Baskov, mother of singer

Николай Басков: «Свадьбу мы переносим»“When Nicholas called and said that they decided against Vika to get married, I felt a crazy joy. I took the news as a welcome, because you know the son is ready for this important step. But 5 Oct died my father and our family for this day of remembrance. Of course I’m upset you guys, but I want to say a huge thank you first of all Vick for what he understood and accepted the situation.”

Nikolay Baskov

Николай Басков: «Свадьбу мы переносим»

“Remember that night when I differently looked at Vic. We’ve had a wedding, and I suddenly say, “I don’t want to dance with me?” And these three and a half minutes of the dance… I don’t know, but somehow it was warm, nice, quiet. Her eyes are incredible… I began to write in the evening and in the morning: how you doing? And then I realized: I have to see her, to talk to her, to hear the voice… My mom learned when the date of the wedding, said, “Son, I can’t give a blessing, I can’t let this day be at your wedding”. For mom October 5 – woeful date. So I asked Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov (he, by the way, 5 October birthday and in addition must be registered 199 couples Chechen couples) to enter the position. So, dear friends, about the wedding date we will tell you later and invite everyone.”