Николай Басков: «Мы с любимой пройдем это испытание вместе» The singer told “StarHit” how to diet pills and brought him to a crisis in relations. Nikolai Baskov said that the new methods of weight loss has helped him not only lose weight, but also to test the strength of his relationship with Sophie Kalcheva.
Николай Басков: «Мы с любимой пройдем это испытание вместе»

Looking at the “natural blond”, and I want to say: he must have discovered the secret of eternal youth. But it’s true. Six months Nicholas is experiencing the novelty of the Russian scientists. According to the schedule the pill, capsule, put the dropper a few times a week. Why he decided on it and how in difficult periods it is supported by love, Nicholas shared with “StarHit”.

Kohl’s, the result, of course, is obvious… and body. How do you feel? At 18?
Николай Басков: «Мы с любимой пройдем это испытание вместе»Yes perfect! A burst of energy, it is easier to cope with diet, daily activity significantly improved sleep. Side effects have not noticed. To pass this course a few months, so maybe the restaurants will start to ask the passport. But it is not necessary to forget and about genetics – she’s stunning, thank you mom and dad.
Not afraid to test unknown pills?
Николай Басков: «Мы с любимой пройдем это испытание вместе»All doubts vanished in an instant, when I met with the doctor-gerontologist, Director of the research center. Asked how old he was, and was very surprised. It is something incredible! Know that the new people are treated with suspicion, but there is no chemistry, not stem cells. I have carefully studied the composition, all of my questions answered by qualified professionals… Is a revolutionary design based on peptides. They are continuously produced in all living organisms for the regulation of cellular and tissue processes. Then there is natural regeneration.—
How Sophie reacted to the new craze?
Николай Басков: «Мы с любимой пройдем это испытание вместе»I told her immediately, but as soon as checked, verified safety and effectiveness of the drug. Sonya, of course, was worried and asked a lot of questions, but overall reaction was positive. She trusts me. I say to her, saying, I want you, too, took a pill would do it without hesitation. But while there is no need. So favorite and looks amazing too with the genetics of luck. Her mother, Anastasia Alexandrovna, 68, who will! And, of course, Sonya all my life dancing is the fountain of youth, the recipe is a good figure…
Николай Басков: «Мы с любимой пройдем это испытание вместе»
By the way, your extreme weight loss, it turns out, is partly the merit of the pills?
Николай Басков: «Мы с любимой пройдем это испытание вместе»No, I’m a year ago took for themselves. Lost already 18 kg, now I want to put on muscle, to study the topography of the muscles. Therefore, the gym at the hotel or walking distance from it – a prerequisite of the rider. Concert costumes three times had to take – first, in October for the show “the Game” in Moscow, then to the February tour in Germany, and recently. There are no magical interventions. Hired a personal trainer, he’s with me even on the road. This is a professional sports doctor, who prescribed including diet – I always carry the containers with the right food: vegetables, fish and meat for a couple. In day I drink 2.5 liters of water with soup, tea, juices do not count! Before this diet I would have climbed the wall, it is now easier.—
But addiction is also a difficult process. Emotional breakdowns happened?
Николай Басков: «Мы с любимой пройдем это испытание вместе»Fortunately, I’m not prone to depression, and to despair too much time there. Of course, the first months when he went into this hard diet and training, was more nervous, irritable. But beside me, patient and understanding people who try not to aggravate it.
Николай Басков: «Мы с любимой пройдем это испытание вместе»
Sonya also got it?
Николай Басков: «Мы с любимой пройдем это испытание вместе»It is absolutely my man, who feels the mood, the situation, even words are not necessary. Of course, it happened that I could make mountains out of molehills, to break out, to say too much in dispute. Just imagine: we finish the concert, given a lot of energy, calories, emotions, I want to jam it all, and restore balance, but it is impossible following the meal schedule only in the morning. Sonya recently said: even if it was something not agree with me, silent, to still more it will not start. Understand when you need to leave the room, leave alone… If favorite have seen that I’m exhausted and begin to devour everything around, tried to distract: they say, went to the movies or to the exhibition – a cultural programme was organized. And I am grateful to her. Such crisis periods is the true test of the senses, which not all couples are: lubimogo to go for repairs, diet, anything. We get we have become even closer to each other.—
Favorite is probably even tried not to eat in front of you, not to tease?
Николай Басков: «Мы с любимой пройдем это испытание вместе»In fact, she eats very little – sometimes only twice a day. So to such extremes, fortunately, never came. I only tried less likely to be visiting with Sonin parents: there is always the smells and aromas of her mother’s a really good cook, is simply impossible to resist.—
Now make up for excessive emotions?
There is no need. Sonia happy when I feel good and I when she.