Николай Басков усиленно худеет The Golden voice of the country wants to look perfect. Nikolay Baskov jokingly said that he plans to prepare for the competition “Mr. universe.” Fans supported the undertaking of an idol.

      With the onset of the fall season Nikolai Baskov decided to go to the gym. The Golden voice of Russia took a selfie right on the treadmill and published calling for a healthy lifestyle a post on his microblog. Apparently, the singer strenuously to lose weight, however, even in this process he relates with humor.

      “Oh, sports – you life! Enough to eat! No one will tell you when the contest “Mr. universe”? How much time do I have to prepare?” – asked a playful question a singer to his fans.

      “Nicholas, You have to become “Mr. universe” commercials years ago and 16 out of the competition. For me it is unambiguous. Thanks for a great mood,” “Kolya, you’re beautiful! Irresistible! Slender! In great shape! So cute”, “Why you… You blond all over the country such one”, “You’re pretty good with an iron will and a steel rod in the nature! Good luck, dear,” “You, Kolya, out of the competition! And You have no equal. You have long since become winner everywhere. And on stage, and in any beauty contest would take first place,” “With the sport or without, but always the most beautiful on Earth. No, what I’m saying! In the entire Universe! The most beautiful and best,” wrote in response Baskov filled with bright feelings of the fans.

      We will remind, the pursuit of the perfect manly form occurs at Nicholas for the first time. Not long ago, the singer managed to lose five pounds at the rogaška Slatina in Slovenia. Arriving at the place of the Basques visited the medical examination, and then they went down to the restaurant, where the chef discussed the special diet. In the end, in just two weeks, the actor dropped weight and gained strength for new beginnings.

      Basque sat on a diet and dropped 5 kilograms

      “Summer in Moscow is hot and stuffy, but here – havens: cool mountain air, unique nature and the healing springs,” said “StarHit” Nikolay Baskov on the holiday. – Local water – saving for people exposed to stress: insomnia, I got rid of it in a week. Due to the large amount of magnesium it has a soporific effect, sleeping with the window open 14 hours a day: 12 – night and 2 – day. I get up at 8, we walk a lot. I was given a “step” and a map of forest trails in a day, walk at least 10 kilometers.”