Nikolaev refused to cooperate with Allegrova

Николаев наотрез отказался сотрудничать с Аллегровой The music composer spoke about the reasons for the destruction of the creative Union. Igor Nikolaev noted that already wrote songs for artist on all possible topics. That is why new hits for Irina Allegrova should create other authors.
Николаев наотрез отказался сотрудничать с Аллегровой

Creative Union with Igor Nikolaev and Irina Allegrova is considered one of the most successful in the history of the Russian show-business. The composer has created for the artist about twenty hits, and each of them has resonated in the hearts of the listeners. Recently, the singer expressed a desire to work once again with Nikolayev, but he is in no hurry to sit down at the piano. In a recent interview with the author of the well known hits explained the reason for the suspension of cooperation.

“I think Irina’s old songs interesting. If suddenly we became new, and songs would appear. I wrote: more than twenty songs. I think I voted on all issues. It was funny, and funny, and tragic songs. These directions are then used by other composers after me and continue to do it,” – said Nikolaev.

The composer said he was ready to write for Allegrova new hit, but only if he is born brand new, hot topic. So far, these ideas from Igor is not there. According to Nikolaev, the artist has no shortage of new songs, because working with her talented young authors.

Said Nikolayev and the reasons why he rarely records new hits. According to the artist, the audience does not want his new songs, because they are much more willing to hear and old favorite songs.

“There are some guys – Rod Stewart, Elton John, Yuri Antonov, who write songs, go out, sing them for many years and know that they will always be in demand with them. I’m one of them. For variety you need at a concert two or three new songs to perform, a maximum of four. But still then will ask: “Let’s “Mill” and “Five reasons” to sing,” was the opinion of the artist.

The Nikolaev does not bother this balance. What’s more, it boasts bright hits, written for himself and friends. Igor is now all also working on new songs, often dedicating them to his beloved wife.

According to the musician, Yulia Proskuryakova made his life a whole new meaning. Now the star couple devotes all his spare time daughter Veronica. In an interview, “Sobesednik” Nikolaev admitted that the girl is incredibly talented and smart. He tries to develop her creative abilities, but does not overload the child that the baby had a happy and carefree childhood.