Nikolaev I Proskuryakova spoil each other with luxury gifts

Николаев и Проскурякова балуют друг друга роскошными презентами The star family does not skimp on surprises. Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova often presented with each other unusual gizmos or build unexpected plans. The cost of the gifts could amount to hundreds of thousands of rubles.

      Николаев и Проскурякова балуют друг друга роскошными презентами

      Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova officially married for more than six years. Before couple several years lived in a civil marriage. Famous actor adores his young wife. The 23-year age difference the couple can’t feel.

      Igor and Yulia often indulge each other pleasant surprises that makes their marriage the element of surprise and joy. Gifts that spouses choose is truly luxurious. So, Proskuryakova once felt like a real heroine of the Hollywood melodrama, when the beloved man for three days, took her to Italy.

      Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova: happiness, which was for many years

      “We get on really well, no matter what we do. And when we are far away from each other, then talk on the phone every day, chatting on the Internet. And after a particularly long separation Igor makes me presents! They are all different… and pleasant things, and a very nice “size”. Igor always good at surprises! For example, one day we spent in Sicily for three glorious days. Then I read in the press that we were on our honeymoon. Though, probably, the way it was!” – said Proskuryakov.

      I wonder what Julia is trying to keep up with Igor. She takes seriously the choice of gifts for your spouse. Nikolaev was thrilled when on my birthday I received from the lady an unusual book with a family tree. To create experts in genealogy did a great job. The cost of this project when thing are true professionals, as a rule, starts from 500 thousand rubles. Then it all depends on the complexity of the search.

      “On my birthday, Julia gave me a real surprise – my family tree. And it wasn’t just a sheet of paper with a tree and a list of ancestors and a weighty book! It turns out that the kind of Nikolaevy have noble roots! So now we are a family of blue blood!”, – said Nikolaev.

      By the way, the relationship between Proskuryakova Nikolaev and fresh as in the beginning of their romance. The couple has a little daughter Veronica and tried every free moment to devote to each other.

      “We love a relaxing weekend. Can all day to stay in bed, watch a movie or tennis. Love this game I got from Igor! Can and books to read together, go to the movies” – lists Julia in an interview with “Volgogradskoi truth”.

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