Никита Турчин стал участником «Дома-2» The youngest participant of “Battle of psychics” want to compete with Vlad kadoni. Nikita Turchin after breaking up with the girl intends to find a new love on the famous telestroke. Apparently, the young man decided to follow the example of his colleague.

Nikita Turchin, who was recently beaten in the center of Moscow took place the selection on the most controversial reality show of the country. Psychic is going to stay on the project and to find love.

Young magician of “the battle of psychics” Nikita Turchin: “Girls are lining up to meet you”

“Nikita thought long and hard about whether to go to a show, – has shared with “StarHit” the other Turchin, Ivan Ivan. – But then broke up with my girlfriend and realized that he was ready for change in your personal life. The more that he’ll be safer. By the way, some of the participants of the project Nikita love…”

Fans already say that in the future Turchin wants to outshine himself Vlad kadoni, which also came after the “Battle” for the project and subsequently rose to the position of the leader.

And while Nikita never ceases to throw up new reasons for discussion. Recently, Turchin returned from the theater home, and it was attacked by unknown persons who allegedly did not like the look of the guy. In the end, the magician went to the hospital with bruises and abrasions. Fortunately, the injury was not very heavy, but Nikita was seriously scared for his own life.

Earlier the guy stated that he and his family is threatened by some maniac who is spreading bad things about him on the Internet.

“It’s just awful! – told “StarHit” Nikita. – At first thought it was the usual crazy fan – Buzova is full of such, and it turned out that he really is sick. Because of this, Dmitri began a real persecution of me on the Internet. He always says that he loves me, questioning reputation and orientation. Even called and personally confessed to the senses. I replied that he went to the wrong address. I have the girl meet. So he and she began to threaten, scribbled in direct. Then spread to the parents. When I realized that reciprocity is not wait said that it would kill, and I will find somewhere in the Moscow river. A real maniac.”

But the pursuer denies it, citing the fact that the psychic he was provoked to harsh words.

Recall that Turchin became famous thanks to the participation in the 18th season of “the battle of psychics” as the youngest psychic in the entire history of the project. Nikita worked with magical keys that helped him to find answers to the right questions.

A couple of months ago psychic is not planning to participate in a reality show. “As for the PR, if well sung, would go to “the Voice”, if dancing, then chose the “Dancing”. Or went on “Dom-2”, to become famous, – shared the young man with “StarHit”. But I initially knew about the ability, and therefore wrote the request to “Battle of psychics.” Maybe I’m just an empath, able to feel good about people and empathize with them.”