Никита Тарасов вспомнил, как принимал роды у жены
The actor first came to light with his wife.

Nikita Tarasov with his wife Marina

Photo: Alexander Camber

38-year-old Nikita Tarasov, who in the late
December 2017 for the first time became a father, spoke about the beautiful day when he
his wife Marina gave birth to a daughter Taisiya. The actor said at the premiere of the series “soul plane
the crew”, which was held in Moscow. Nikita played the role of a man who on Board
the plane took birth from the passenger and his wife. Tarasov first came out
in the light with his wife and told reporters, came to light
his daughter.

it turned out that my
spouse scenario, which
plays Yana Kraynova and my
his wife Marina was pregnant. And the birth took place almost in one day.
I delivered a baby in the frame and went to take birth in the Marina.
And the whole episode is permeated with childbirth because, in addition to the heroine Yana kranovoj and my Marina, the scenario gives birth to another
one woman during the flight. And I also take birth. So
that is not to come to this premiere together, we just
could not”, — said Nikita. According to Tarasov, the process of giving birth
didn’t find it difficult
and even funny. “Rhoda is a very funny,’ he says. Is
was such a fun day, about
which you can write a script of short films. When Marina began
fight, we are with our
wonderful doctor sat in the family room, laughing. We were fairy stories from an early
in the morning, at this time
Marina went as
the penguin”.