Nikita Presnyakov with the girl lives in the house Pugacheva

Никита Пресняков вместе с девушкой живет в доме Пугачевой

Son of Christina Orbakaite exchanged the city apartment to a suburban home of the famous grandma.

In this house Pugacheva, which she built in the Small village of Berezhki on the Istra reservoir in 1991, Nikita Presnyakov spent all my childhood. And now, almost a full owner of the family estate. However, after Diva moved to her husband Maxim Galkin, a house in Istria first took her daughter Kristina Orbakaite. She came back from Miami with a newborn and Claudia wanted to get some fresh air. Then Pugacheva gave the mansion into the possession of the eldest grandson. And was allowed to live alone.

At first he lived there with his first girlfriend Aida, now life watches his bride-to – 19-year-old Alena Krasnova.

“She Pugacheva here six years, so it does not come. Now here Jake hosts, – said a neighbor named Valentine website — Lives with his bride. They help a woman named Lena – she’s the housekeeper and the cook, and laundress. Its Alla from St. Petersburg brought immediately, as this house was built. The guards here bezvylazno live. So there is always someone there. Life boils. Young people here often holidays happy: fireworks start – I have these on the Day of Victory was not even seen”.

But 25-year-old Nikita Presnyakov has an apartment in the city. The bustle of the city but he prefers the suburban lifestyle. All grandmother. For Alla Pugacheva house in Istria very expensive. The singer has repeatedly said that selling it will never happen, because he wants to make him a nest.